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Two New Novels from Ignatius Authors

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Two Ignatius Press authors have new novels out from other publishers. While these books are not available from Ignatius Press, they are books you will enjoy! T. M. Doran, author of Toward the Gleam, has a new sequel out titled The Lucifer Ego. The official description follows:

Long awaited by fans of Toward the Gleam and Tolkien’s stories of Middle Earth, sure to delight all Inklings fans!


Frodo Lyle Stuart is looking forward to his sabbatical, hoping to unearth evidence that will add new lustre to his reputation as a first-rate archaeologist. But Lyle’s Uncle Henry, abbot of a nearby monastery, has other plans, recruiting him to track down a stolen artifact—a manuscript of unimaginable antiquity his uncle believes is the source for the greatest work of literary imagination in the 20th century.


Reluctantly, Lyle puts his ambitions aside to undertake what might be a wild goose chase—or something more perilous. As he tracks the manuscript across Europe, he is unwittingly entangled in the deadly scheme of an adversary who will do anything to satisfy his ambitions.


In The Lucifer Ego, the prehistoric manuscript at the heart of Toward the Gleam still excites deadly passions and stirs up dark forces as old as time itself.

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, C.S. Lewis’s Narnia stories, the Inklings, G.K. Chesterton and other great spirits of the 20th century, Toward the Gleam and its sequel, The Lucifer Ego, are packed with suspense, mystery, and big questions.

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Roger Thomas, author of The Accidental Marriage, has a new novel out from Tumblar House titled Under the Watchful Sky. A thriller set in a near-future technocratic society, it has won comparisons with Michael O’Brien’s Father Elijah. The official description is below:

Assistant Medical Director Derek Stevens is called in to verify what seems to be a simple case of suicide, but on closer examination he realizes that the death was a very cleverly disguised murder. This discovery leads him into a concealed world where he finds love and acceptance side-by-side with dark secrets and veiled dangers. Meanwhile, his friend and colleague Janice Boyd is being lured into a mysterious organization with a hidden and lethal agenda of its own. As the two learn more about the worlds in which they are becoming more deeply involved, their converging paths take them through terrible discoveries and into deadly peril.

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