Book Clubs

How to Start an Ignatius Press Book Club

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  • Decide what kind of novels you want to read in your book club (historical fiction, suspense/thriller novels, novels by a certain author, etc.)
  • Choose your first book and download the discussion guide at
  • Choose a location where the book club will meet. Some ideas are meeting at someone’s home, a church, coffee shop, or restaurant. You can also decide to rotate meeting locations.
  • Decide how many people to invite and make a contact list with each member’s name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Decide how often to meet and when.
  • Based on how often you meet, determine how many novels you want to read – one per month? Or one every other month? Also, think about how many meetings you want to spend discussing a book before moving onto another book.
  • Order books for group members or tell them where they can purchase the book.
  • Delegate book club responsibilities to group members. Some things to delegate include:
    • Who will lead the group
    • Who will send out reminders and updates to group members
    • If refreshments are served, who will provide them at each meeting
    • Who will take notes and keep track of what books are read


Novels with Discussion Guides