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Michael N. Richard, Requiescat in pace

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“My faith is rather like courage. It is said that courage is to act in the face of fear. For me, faith is to act in the face of doubt. I think it irrational to not have doubt, no matter if you are an atheist doubting your atheism, or a theist doubting your theism, but when the two ‘isms’ are pared down to their essence, only one offers any real hope. I choose hope, and I work to ‘be not afraid’.”

Michael Nicholas Richard, 1955-2018, from an interview with

It’s with sadness that we pass along the news that Michael N. Richard, author of Tobit’s Dog, passed away on March 29, Holy Thursday.

It’s with gratitude that we remember him as an author. Many readers have passed along to us how much they loved his novel, a retelling of the Book of Tobit set in the Jim Crow-era south. He was always a gracious man to work with, generous with time and talent.

In an obituary written by one of his daughters, she relates that “To be Michael’s daughter was to have The Hobbit and The Odyssey as bedtime stories and to learn about Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius as the family sat on the swing in the backyard, his little girls’ heads in his lap. Their dreams were recited and turned into short stories, as fiction was never far from his heart.”

To all readers who enjoyed his work, please offer a prayer for him and his family. And give thanks that his talent was shared with us.


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