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IP Novels Digest: Tobit’s Dog

August 1, 2014 11:24 am | 1 Comment

More great reviews on Tobit’s Dog

Tobit's Dog “Have you ever reached the end of a book to find yourself feeling a little sad that it was finished; as if you were saying goodbye to good friends? That is how I felt as I closed Tobit’s Dog, by Michael Nicholas Richard….Tobit’s Dog is a novel based on the beautiful Old Testament book of Tobit. I had never read Tobit in its entirety, and decided to do so before reading the novel. As I moved on to Tobit’s Dog, I quickly discovered how creatively and thoughtfully the author brought the Biblical book into the Twentieth Century…While the ugliness of the racism of that period wove its way through the pages, making a few parts difficult to read, it did not outweigh the appeal of the story. The links between the Biblical story and the novel intrigued me. With each page I loved this book more and more. The final chapters had me smiling. Tobit’s great faith saw him through the adversities he faced. True to the book in Scripture, Tobits Dog is a story that reminds us that God takes care of those who love Him and live a just life. Tobit’s Dog, just like the book of Tobit, did not disappoint.”

Read the rest of Jen’s review on her blog By His Grace.


“Although I am familiar with writers such as Flannery O’Connor, whose work is infused with and informed by her Catholicism, but is not overtly Catholic, I was only moderately aware of a growing genre of writing for Catholic audiences by Catholic writers that is more overtly Catholic.  So, it has been an extremely happy opportunity to read and review Tobit’s Dog by Michael Nicholas Richard for Ignatius Press….Things I Loved: 1.  Layering the ugliness in with the beauty of this world…2.  Unapologetically Catholic moments…3.  Tobit’s willingness to do the right thing…4.  Infusing of biblical narrative into contemporary fiction…Tobit’s Dog is a moving look at how a man’s faith sustains him.  Tobit’s Dog reminds us that in an era of blatant racism, there are those who ignore the social customs and pursue decency in spite of the repercussions.  Tobit’s Dog also shows that a just man’s involvement is justified in helping to see that a young boy’s cruelly motivated murder.  Despite the sadness surrounding the story, there is an incredible light that emanates from the story, and this truly does imitate many of our own personal stories, making this novel a very good read.”

Read the Jodie’s entire review on her blog Literature & Writing Mama.

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  1. July 11, 2016 at 10:33 am

    What a beautiful read! And I too was sad when it ended, felt like I was saying good-bye to inspiring friends. The brutal reality of Jim Crow south was more than overshadowed by the goodness of those, black & white, who fought and loved one another. And such a clever parallel to the Book of Tobit! We need books like this one.

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