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“Voyage to Alpha Centauri delivers on every level.”

February 3, 2014 11:48 am | Leave a Comment

Dr. Mark Nowakowski reviews Voyage to Alpha Centauri:

With his most recent effort, “Voyage to Alpha Centauri,” O’Brien jumps genres into the realm of science fiction, continuing the long tradition of writing theologically meaningful sci-fi that was begun by authors such as C.S. Lewis. The comparison to Lewis is no exaggeration. In this recent volume, Michael O’Brien has penned an engaging and anthropocentric science fiction novel, one that moves beyond imaginary technology and implausible scenarios into a refreshingly human story.

Dr. Nowakowski also has some kind words for Ignatius Press (emphasis added):

Despite being rejected by major publishers early in his career for committing the seemingly cardinal offense of expressing an incarnational worldview in his writings, Michael O’Brien has found a home with Ignatius Press, a publisher whose small fiction catalog represents some of the most original new writing available today, building a worldwide following in the process.

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