The Cypresses Believe in God

Spain on the Eve of Civil War – A Novel

Considered by many critics to be the greatest novel about the Spanish Civil War, this classic work by Spaniard José Maria Gironella is an unbiased account of the complicated events, movements and personalities that led up to the war. Beginning in 1931, Cypresses covers the next five years of political unrest, culminating in the explosion of the brutal war that wreaked such great havoc on Spain and its citizens.

In his epic novel, both gripping and suspenseful, Gironella deftly portrays the human conflict, both internal and external. The most influential philosophical movements of the 20th century are embodied in various characters. Through them, the reader is introduced to every faction involved—anarchist, communist, Catholic, royalist, existentialist, and others.

“A vastly ambitious novel… a must for those who want to know how the Spanish Civil War came about.”
—Time Magazine

“A powerful rendering of a brutal, baffling rehearsal of World War II. It recalls Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, that other 20th century masterwork that renders that pathos of tradition besieged.”
—Crisis Magazine

The Cypresses Believe in God
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Jose Maria Gironella

Jose Maria Gironella

José Maria Gironella (1917–2003) was born in Gerona, Spain, and fought in the Spanish Civil War. He wrote five books about the war; the three most famous are the novels One Million Dead, Peace After War, and The Cypresses Believe in God.

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